Creating a custom icon for a custom module

May 18, 2014 8:19 pm

Want to change the default icon associated with a Custom Module in the Blue Interface?

You can create custom icons for each of your custom modules.

Image Requirements:

  • PNG format
  • 32px wide by 22px tall
  • On and Off State
  • Specific File Naming (see below)

To add a new icon to your custom module:

  1. Create a 30px by 22px icon. This icon should have an on and off state. The on state will likely be color and will be visible when the module is being used. The off state will likely by desaturated and will appear when the module is not used.
  2. Name the icons with a "_on.png" and "_off.png" suffix (e.g. "customicon_on.png" and "customicon_off.png").
  3. Upload the images to your desired location within the Graphics Folder (Green File Manager root folder).
  4. Open the Toolbar Module and edit the custom directory to use the new icon.
  5. Next to the Toolbar Icon field, click "Select" and select one of the uploaded icons (either will work).
  6. Remove the suffix "_on.png" or "_off.png". Using the above example, your path will look like "graphics/customicon".

  7. Freedom will use this truncated file name to find the "customicon_on.png" and "customicon_off.png" files.