Mandrill Configuration Troubleshooting

Dec 18, 2014 4:17 pm

While we always suggest to use Mandrill as the third party email host, due to it having the best delivery rates, greater tracking information, and allowing your sites server to free up extra processing space, sometimes users run into problems with Emails not being sent or Emails not being received. This is often due to a few simple issues that are very easy to self-troubleshoot

When running into failures to receive/send We at Accrisoft suggest checking the following:

1) Under Green > Configuration > Bounced Email Address: is the field blank?
Currently when Freedom is configured with Mandrill the bounced email field is irrelevant, however if left blank Freedom with display an error message . The best solution is to simply enter an email into the field such as bounce@[[yourasoftnumber]]

2) What type of license do you currently have?
Although Gold subscriptions and above have the ability to choose to either use mandrill or their server to send email ( this is not recommended) Free,Social,Bronze, Silver etc. MUST be configured with Mandrill in order to send emails.

3) Under Green > Configuration > Website Email Address & Website Email From Name: Are these fields configured?

If these are not set up and configured Mandrill will not send emails.

If the above does not fix the issue, we are always happy to help provide solutions to your Freedom/Mandrill problems

And if you haven't set your site up for an optimized email experience with Mandrill and are interested in the easy process feel free to check out our other forum post: