Providing limited access to Blue

Apr 26, 2014 7:38 pm

The Security Module lets you grant access only to certain modules of the Blue Interface. This is done by creating security groups, limiting their access and adding members to them. In addition to the Security Module's two default groups, Admin (which provides full Blue Interface access) and Deploy (which provides full access to both Blue and Green), you can create additional groups with custom access levels, then assign users to those groups.

To provide limited access to Blue:

  1. Open the Security Module, Groups tab.
  2. Click the Add a new Group button.
  3. Name the group.
  4. Determine which interfaces the group should have access to in the Access: checkboxes.
  5. Click Save. The new group will be created.
  6. Switch to the Access Level tab.
  7. Click Edit next to the name of the newly-created group. A list of all available modules will appear. You can place a check in the boxes of the modules or actions within modules the group should have access to.
  8. Additionally, there are subtabs for Categories and Menus, where you can limit the group's access to certain categories within modules or certain menu groups in the Menus Module.
  9. When you're finished, click Save.
  10. The last step is adding users to this group. To add existing users, switch to the Users tab, edit the users you'd like to add to the new group and select it from the Group drop-down menu. For new users, select the new group in the Group menu when adding them.
  11. And finally, be sure to notify people that you've given them access to your website. Provide the site's URL (including /admin.php at the end) and their username and password. Let them know that they can change their password on the Change Password tab of the Home Module in Blue.