Displaying a sidebar of submenu items

May 26, 2014 3:15 pm

Freedom makes it easy to add a single menu layout to all of your interior pages that will display the correct submenu items, depending on which content is being viewed. The system knows which submenu items to show based on the structure of the menu.

  • Go to Green > Layouts > Modules
  • Add a new module layout of the type "Menu - Popup (UL)"
  • Name it something like "Interior submenu"
  • For the Menu folder option, select "Show menu folder, use current submenu value."
  • Save the module layout.
  • Insert that module layout into your interior page layouts, meaning [Default], and also any interior display types you're using.
  • (Configure the menu HTML and CSS so it looks right on the pages.)
  • Go to the Menus Module. For the menu group you're using, make sure to add a Submenu Name for each top-level menu item.

After this, the system will display the correct sub-menu items for the page each visitor is viewing.

Dec 5, 2016 11:28 am

If you followed these steps and the submenu items aren't showing up, it might be because you need to add Submenu names to the top-level menu items in all of your site's menu groups, even if the page you're viewing doesn't display all of them.