Creating multi-level menus

Apr 26, 2014 7:20 pm

Accrisoft Freedom lets you turn menu items into folders that you can add submenu items to, thereby creating multi-level menus. For example, a multi-level menu might have an "About Us" section that, when hovered over, displays second-level menu items such as "Our Staff," "Our History" and "Board of Directors." Second- and third-level menu items can be configured either to appear when a visitor hovers the cursor over the higher-level menu or when the user clicks on the first-level menu item.

To create multi-level menus:

  1. Go to the Menus Module
  2. Create the menu item that you'd like to contain submenu items by clicking the Add a new Menu Item button. If there's already a menu item you'd like to use, click on its name.
  3. Name the menu item in the Item Title field.
  4. Make the menu item a containing folder by entering a name into the Submenu Name field. We suggest using a single, descriptive word; for an About Us menu item, you could use "About."
  5. Click the Save Menu Item button. Notice that now this menu item has a small folder icon next to its name in the list of menu items. This means you can add submenu items to it.
  6. Now, click the Add a new Menu Item button.
  7. From the Parent Menu drop-down list, select the submenu name you added in step 3.
  8. Name the menu item and click Save. The new menu item has been created as a submenu item of the menu item added in step 2.