Adding colors to the palette

Apr 26, 2014 6:47 pm

Freedom websites allow you to add colors to a custom palette. A color palette can be extremely useful, because most sites use the same colors in a number of places. Rather than having to memorize a series of RGB or hex values for commonly-used colors, the color palette lets you save and name these colors, so all you'll have to do is pick out the color you want from a popup list. The color palette can be accessed from the following places in Freedom:

  • Stylesheets
  • Page Layouts
  • Module Layouts
  • Web Pages
  • Anywhere else in the Blue Interface that uses the Text Editor, including News Articles, Blogs and custom directories.

To add a color to the palette:

  1. Go to the Stylesheets Module, Color Palette tab.
  2. Click the Add a new Color button.
  3. Give the color a name.
  4. Enter a 3- or 6-digit hex code for the color you'd like to add. Do not use the # prefix.
  5. If you'd like, provide brief comments for the color, for example describing where on the site the color should be used.
  6. Click Save. This will add the color to your palette and make it accessible from any of the places listed above.