Using predefined snippets

Apr 26, 2014 6:45 pm

Predefined snippets in the Stylesheets Module are frequently-used CSS properties that you can select from the "Insert a predefined snippet" menu and insert into your stylesheets rather than typing them out each time you need to add a property to your CSS. Snippets include common properties, such as:

  • font-style
  • color
  • background-color
  • text-align
  • padding
  • margin
  • and more

To insert a predefined snippet into a stylesheet:

  1. Go to the Stylesheets Module, Editor tab.
  2. Select the stylesheet you'd like to add the style to by selecting it from the Stylesheet: drop-down menu near the top-right of the screen.
  3. Place your cursor in the stylesheet where you'd like the new property to appear.
  4. Click the "Insert a predefined snippet" icon in the toolbar just above the stylesheet contents.
  5. Select the property you'd like to insert by clicking on it. The property will be inserted into the editor where you had placed your cursor.
  6. Now you can add a value to the new property.