Stylesheets Module Introduction

Apr 26, 2014 7:03 pm

The Stylesheets Module of the Green Interface lets you create and edit your website's Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS. Cascading Style Sheets determine your website's look and formatting with the use of styles. Freedom's Stylesheets Module lets you change your site's styles, create and manage multiple stylesheets, and create settings for styles in the Blue Interface. The website's primary stylesheet can also be edited in the Layouts Module, so you can simultaneously edit the website's HTML and CSS simultaneously.

The default stylesheet for Accrisoft-powered websites (stylesheet.css) organizes styles by module. When a module is turned on, styles for the module are automatically populated in the stylesheet.

The Stylesheets Module includes the Editor tab for those who are experienced with CSS, as well as the Wizard tab, which provides assistance in adding styles. For more information on Cascading Style Sheets, see

Topics in this Forum section include:

Editor Tab

  • Adding a new stylesheet
  • Using predefined snippets
  • Creating styles for a dropdown menu

Color Palette Tab

  • Adding colors to the palette

Blue Styles Tab

  • Adding Blue styles

Wizard Tab

  • Adding styles with the Wizard