Understanding Freedom's file hierarchy

Apr 26, 2014 6:21 pm

Accrisoft Freedom has two separate directories where files can be stored, which both reside in the website's root folder. These are labeled graphics and clientuploads. The graphics directory is accessible only from the File Manager in the Green Interface, while clientuploads is accessible from both Green and Blue.

This structure was created to keep a site's design separate from its content. End-users who only have access to the Blue Interface can use clientuploads for pictures and documents used on web pages, news articles, etc., but cannot access the graphics that make up the site's basic layout.

The File Manager in Green has two tabs, Graphics and Clientuploads, while in Blue, there is only one, simply called "File Manager," but which is actually the same clientuploads directory.

When referencing a file in your site's HTML, be careful to use the correct directory name. For example, a graphics file in one of your page layouts might be:

<img src="graphics/header_bg.png" />

while a reference to photo on your "About Us" webpage might be:

<img src="clientuploads/about_us.jpg" />