Understanding why an extra 'greater than' > character is on pages showing classifications or tags

May 26, 2014 3:47 pm

When Freedom Version 8.2 was released, it included Global Tags. It lets you tag items in a variety of modules, then share these tags across modules.

In order to make global tags available, all sites that were upgraded to 8.2 went through an upgrade script process. This process involved taking any [[class]] variable included in any layout and creating a new "Tag" module layout for that classification.

For example:

[[class0]] was used to identify favorite colors. This [[class0]] was then changed to [[layout.tags_favorite_colors]] and a tag layout was created representing the favorite colors field.

This works fine, unless your module layout has [[class0]] in an <if> statement.

<if [[class0]]> works
<if [[layout.tags_favorite_colors]]> does not

You cannot have a layout in an if statement. So anything that was included in the old <if [[class0]]> statement, must be moved to the new tag layout in order to function the same.

Click here to go to the Accrisoft Ecosystem to watch a video on how to resolve this issue.