Displaying a list of items with each category only displayed once

May 26, 2014 3:39 pm

Conditional statements can be extremely powerful tools for displaying data. One of the most commonly used conditional statements used is the variable.

<if [[category]]!=[[last_category]]>[[category]]</if>

Think of it like this: If the category of an item DOES NOT EQUAL the category of the last (previous) item, then show the item's category.

The image above shows a list of board members from the Aiken Chamber sorted by their category. Rather than showing the category of each Board Member, the developer used the variable to only show the category once.

Be sure to change the Sort Field to 'category' (without quotes).

View the entire Board of Directors page in our example to get a better understanding of how this can be used.

The variable can also be used when creating Event Listers to display the month only once.