Understanding Widgets

Apr 26, 2014 6:08 pm

Widgets are similar to module layouts, except they don't have a customizable HTML output. Widgets are instead used for items with a simpler HTML output, such as a "Today's Date" text object, a "Print this page" link or a Flash object.

Creating a Widget
To see what widgets are available, visit the Widgets tab and click the Add a new Widget button. From there you'll see all the available widgets with descriptions for each one. Once you select one, you'll be taken to a screen where you can configure its settings.

Adding it to the Website
To display on the live website, a widget must be inserted into a page layout or within content in Blue. The format for inserting a widget into a page layout is [[widget.widget_name]] (replacing "widget_name" with the name it was given when it was created). It can also be selected from the "Insert a widget" menu.

To insert it into Blue content, such as a webpage, make sure that the "Blue can embed this widget" option is checked when creating or editing the widget. Then, insert the widget into either the HTML or WYSIWYG editor in the same manner as shown above.