Introduction to module layouts

Apr 26, 2014 5:30 pm

Module layouts give Freedom users complete control over how data from the Blue Interface is displayed on the live website. In addition to the default layouts, you can create unlimited custom layouts, and display the same data in multiple ways. Module layouts make use of HTML, conditional statements and special "variables" that display content from the Blue Interface. For example, a module layout for a blog might use a [[title]] variable to display the title of each post.

There are two main types of module layouts:
Lister layouts, which display lists of items, and
Detail layouts, which display information about single items.

For example, a news lister would display a list of news articles, usually with limited information, such as a headline and a blurb for each. When clicking on a single article, a visitor would then see the detail layout for that article, which would display all the article's information, such as author, date, body text, and copyright information. In addition to these two types of layouts, there are additional ones depending on the module, including search layouts.