Layouts Module Introduction

Apr 26, 2014 6:17 pm

The Layouts Module is where you determine the look and feel of your website by adding the HTML that defines its design and layout. It's also where you configure how the modules in Blue display their data. Four different website elements are managed in the Layouts Module:

  • Page Layouts are the fundamental properties of a Freedom website. They determine the structure or framework of your website. These are managed on the Pages tab.
  • Module Layouts determine how each module in the Blue Interface displays its data. These are managed on the Modules tab.
  • Widgets are similar to module layouts, but are for simpler content that doesn't have an HTML layout, such as a "Today's Date" text object or a "Bookmark this Page" link. Widgets are managed on the Widgets tab.
  • Display Types are special page layouts which give you the ability to create different designs for different parts of your site. These are created on the Pages tab, but can be assigned to different modules on the Display Types tab.

For information on using these elements to build a Freedom website from scratch, see our Photoshop to Freedom training video.

Topics in this Forum section include:

Pages tab

  • Understanding page layouts
  • Inserting one page layout into another
  • The Content variable

Modules tab

  • Introduction to module layouts
  • Types of module layouts
  • Using conditional statements
  • Using search layouts

Widgets tab

  • Understanding widgets

Display Types tab

  • Understanding display types