Setting Up Simple Blog Notifications

Oct 9, 2014 2:25 pm

Starting in Freedom 9.6, there is a simple way to automatically notify site visitors whenever you post a new blog entry. This is all set up by the site administrator in the Green interface. Once set up, no additional actions need to be taken by the blogger when posting a new blog entry; the system will send out a notification automatically.

1. Setting it Up
There is now an "Automatic Notification Email" configuration setting in Green > Toolbar when you edit the Blog module.

You can decide whether or not to send an email whenever a new blog entry is posted, and which subscriber list to send it to.

This option defaults to [Do not send], and lets you select from all of your site's Email Marketing subscriber lists (if Email Marketing is turned on).

You can configure how these emails look in Green > Configuration > Email > Blog, or just click on the "Edit Email" button shown in the screenshot above.

2. Customizing the Email

The template defaults with a simple email containing the blog title and a link back to the full post on the website, but is customizable with a text-only and HTML version.

Available variable includes are:

  • [[title]]
  • [[blog]] - full blog
  • [[blurb]] - first paragraph of the blog
  • [[date]]
  • [[detail_url]]
  • [[subscriber]] - subscriberís name
  • [[image]] - blog main image
  • [[author]]

3. How Emails are Sent
When you set it up using the steps above, an Email Marketing campaign will be created and scheduled. This is based on the blog entry's Release Date.

There is a 15+ minute grace period before emails are sent to allow for making changes or canceling the email. Emails are sent at the top of the next hour, and at least 15 minutes after it's published. (If itís less than 15 minutes to the top of the next hour, it will go out at the top of the following hour. i.e. if the blog is posted at 1:46pm, the email will go out at 3pm.)

If the blog entry's Release Date changes, the campaign send date will also adjust if it hasn't already been sent.

If the Blog module uses workflow, a campaign will only be scheduled if the blog entry is approved.

The campaign will be added to the Email Marketing pipeline during the grace period, so users can cancel it if need be.