Backups Tab - Restoring a page layout to an earlier version

Apr 26, 2014 4:26 pm

The Backups tab of the Home Module displays all past versions of all page layouts and stylesheets. Similar to how System Restore works in Windows, with the Change Log tab, any change made to the Page Layouts or Stylesheets modules can be undone.

Restoring a page layout is non-destructive, because the current version is not automatically replaced. Instead, the restored version is created as a separate page layout, so you can view it and ensure that it's the correct version before replacing the current one.

This functionality is also available in the Blue Interface for Web Pages and News Articles.

To restore a page layout to an earlier version:

  1. Go to the Home Module, Change Log tab. On this screen is every page layout and stylesheet, how many revisions it has gone though, when it was last modified, and by which user.
  2. Locate the page layout you'd like to restore and click its View link.
  3. A list of each revision to the selected page layout will appear along with the date and time it was modified. Click the Restore link next to the revision you would like to restore.
  4. A message will appear in the header telling you that the page layout has been restored.
  5. Switch to the Layouts Module, Pages tab.
  6. Locate the restored page layout. It will have its original name with _restore_rev#_ appended to the end.
  7. To replace the current page layout with the restored version, either delete the current version or rename it.
  8. Then, rename the restored version by removing the suffix so it has its original name.
  9. You have now restored the earlier version of the page layout.