Tabs within the Home Module

Apr 26, 2014 4:19 pm

The Home Tab of the Home Module is also known as the Dashboard. The Dashboard provides direct access to the Ecosystem, let's you view the live site, displays recent Ecosystem activity, allows you to download a new template and provides a search for your entire Accrisoft Freedom Site.

Icons on the Right

  • Recent Ecosystem Activity - Click the "New Messages in the Ecosystem" icon on the right. You will see recent news, forums, development notes and more.
  • System Information - View information about this particular Freedom site (URL, Website title, Freedom version, Language, etc.).
  • Download New Templates - Allows you to search through the Template Library for new designs. If you choose to install a new template, you will be prompt about replacing the HTML, CSS, and graphics of your current site.
  • Search entire Freedom site - Allows you to search the entire blue and green interface.

Automated Tasks
Perform automated tasks throughout Freedom.

Restore previous versions of stylesheets and page layouts.
Restoring a page layout to an earlier version
Restoring a stylesheet to an earlier version

Training Videos
View Green Interface Training Videos