Payments Introduction

Apr 29, 2014 9:16 pm

The Payments module allows you to process your customers' payments, either manually or through an online payment gateway. The Payments module streamlines the process of accepting payments by compiling information on the website, keeping track of pending, holding, declined, and last payments, and works with your customer list to attach payment information by customer.

The Payments module, along with other commerce tools, helps transform your site from a static brochure to an online storefront, where customers can make purchases and have their credit cards billed automatically. Additionally, payments can be processed manually, which allows customers to pay by check or cash, or to use a credit card but not an online payment processor, and still lets you process and track the payment.

The Payments module simplifies the task of managing payments by automatically setting up a customer list, tracking all payments for each customer, including past and pending payments, and creating notifications for declined credit cards. Manually processed payments are tracked as well, so even if a payment processor isn't used, everything is tracked.

The Payments module integrates tightly with other Freedom modules, providing organizations with a full-featured suite of business tools. The Payments module would require Commerce module and Membership modules in order to work as designed.

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