Importing project information via email

Apr 29, 2014 10:06 pm

Importing project information via email is as simple as clicking on the Import Email Now button. When this is done, the system will take all the relevant emails from the predefined email account and add them to the Messages section on the Projects tab of each individual project.

If there is a project ID in the subject line, then the email is imported to that project. If no project ID is in the subject line, the system will try to identify the project by using the email sender in the following manner:

  • The email is searched in the Membership module to find a match
  • If the email is not found in the membership table, then the membership contact is searched for that email.
  • If no match is found for the email address, the email is left in the inbox. You may need to periodically clean out the inbox for emails that were not matched to any projects.
  • If a match (member) is found, then the project with the matching member ID is used.

Keep in mind that there may be multiple projects per member, so the system will make a best guess as to what project the email needs to go to. You may have to review the email log to make sure the emails were imported into the proper projects. However, by using the project ID in email correspondence subject lines, these ambiguities can be avoided.

After a successful import, the entire email message is placed in the message subtab of its project.