Configuration of PayPal before setting up Freedom CMS

Jun 23, 2014 3:18 pm

If you are using PayPal Free (not pro or link) on your commerce checkout form, the first step is to adjust your paypal account’s settings. Failing to complete these steps may lead to visitors receiving “Thank You for your purchase” emails, before actually paying through paypal.

Log into Paypal and click on the Profile menu item, under the My Account tab.

Then select My selling tools from the left sub menu.

You will now see a Website preferences setting on the right, click update.

From here, turn the Auto Return setting to On; and in the Return URL field, enter the secure URL of your website. This can be found in the Green interface, Domains module (be sure to put https:// at the beginning of your URL).

Once your paypal selling settings are set, visitors of your website will now be redirected correctly after using your Freedom CMS shopping cart with Paypal.