Setting up E-Commerce for Canada

May 18, 2014 5:31 pm

To make the Shopping Cart more accessible to a Canadian population you will want to allow Canadian provinces and postal codes in addition to the standard United States states and zipcodes.

1. Edit the Commerce module from the Green Interface. Toolbars Module > Edit Commerce.
2. Allow International Addresses - Yes
3. Now when you go to the shopping cart on the live site, you will have the ability to select Canada for you billing/shipping address.

There is a still a remaining issue: The address still asks for a State and Zipcode. This can be fixed by editing the [system] strings.

To make the State seciton of the shopping cart say "State/Province" and the Zip section to say "Zip/Postal Code":

1. Open the Strings Module > Green Interface
2. Filter [system] strings
3. Edit the State string and the Zip String