Changing the Commerce Icons

May 18, 2014 5:25 pm

Don't like the default commerce button of the Accrisoft Shopping Cart? Here's how to change them:

1. Create your icons.

2. For Accrisoft Freedom to replace the images, the new images must have a specific file name:

  • Add to Cart - button_addtocart.gif
  • Continue Shopping - continueshopping.gif
  • Update Quantity - button_updatequantity.gif
  • Checkout Now - button_checkout.gif
  • Edit Cart - button_editcart.gif
  • Place Order - button_placeorder.gif
  • View Cart - button_viewcart.gif
  • Proceed - button_proceed.gif
  • Paypal Pay Now - paypal_paynow.gif
  • Remove from Cart - trashcan.gif

3. Create a folder in the Green Interface > File Manager called "Commerce".
4. Upload your icons to this folder.
4. With the images uploaded and named properly, open the Shopping Cart Module Layout and reference this folder in the Root Graphics Directory.

Once the images are uploaded, you can always use them by referencing their path.