Creating a Product Catalog

May 18, 2014 5:07 pm

Creating a Shopping Cart with Freedom is quick and easy. Two Modules are required:

Commerce: Tracking and creating orders.
Product Catalog (Custom Module): Managing products or services to sell.

To get started, following these steps:

  1. Add the Commerce Module. This module is used to track purchases made through the shopping cart on the live site.
    The Commerce Module can be connected to a gateway and many other options can be configured (Shipping, tracking inventory, payment methods and more)
  2. Add a Custom Module and select the "Shopping Cart Catalog" from the list of Custom Module Templates. This template includes basic fields for your products (name, category, image, subtitle, blurb, description).
    This template is configured for ecommerce. Any catalog can be configured for ecommerce by selecting the "Enable ecommerce" check box when editing the configuration of the module.

  3. Add products to the Custom Directory. Since E-Commerce is enabled, items will require a SKU which is configured for each item.

Add a new Item to the Catalog.

  1. Open the Catalog in the Blue Interface and click Add a New Item.
  2. Fill out the information for this product. You can also configure tracking for the quanity of the item.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Open the SKU subtab for this item
  5. Add a New SKU
  6. Here you have options for the items with this SKU
    - Unique SKU
    - Option: Will appear on the live site if there are multiple options. In the example below, I am using the option field for Baseball Cap Size
    - Unit Price: Price used by the Commerce Module
    - Weight: Used for shipping rates - Unit in pounds by default. This can be switched to kilograms when editing the Commerce Module from the Toolbar.
    - Status: Can be set to Normal, Backorder or Discontinued.
    - Period: Used to set recurring payments. Not used for this example.
    - Cycle: How many times will the Period repeat. -1 means an unlimted number of time (e.g. Setting the period to Annually and the Cycle to 3 will charge the client once every year for three years)
    - On Hand: Number of Items in stock.
    - Backorder Until: Date when product will be available if product is on backorder..