Recurring donations/payments

May 1, 2014 2:20 pm

I have a new client who want to accept donations online that will be one time or a recurring donation. On their current site, they are accepting recurring donations and the end user automatically get charged every month.

Now Paypal advised her that they can accept recurring donations but what I do not know is how I can set up the form to accept and auto charge the donations every month? Do you have any advice on that?

We have a special commerce checkout form uploaded publicly to the ecosystem which enables this feature. Please note that our system is not set up at this time to be able to do recurring orders from the white-facing website. Since it is not entirely automated at this point in time, it will require a little maintenance from a user. They will need to complete several steps in Orange in order to take the single order and make it a recurring one.

I will outline the steps here for you to get it working.

1. Orange (Blue in older freedom distributions) > Commerce > Checkout Forms > Add new > Add "commerce_checkout_membership"

2. Go back to Commerce > Checkout Forms > click "Make Active" next to “commerce_checkout_membership"

3. Orange > Commerce > Products > Click Add Product > You cannot do dynamic dollar amounts chosen by the customer. You must add items in pre-determined denominations, each with a recurring type. For example, if you wanted to let people choose $5, $20, $50 and $100 with Weekly, Monthly and Yearly recurring options, you would need 4x3=12 different products. > give it a name and category, click "Apply" > scroll down to the bottom of the page > Under "Options" click Edit > change the dropdown box from "(None)" to the particular choice that you want. An option has (Anniversary) appended to it because it will charge on the day of each month that the product was first ordered (for example if an order was placed 3/14, the recurring order would be placed on 4/14). The other options charge on the first of the month and prorate the first order.

4. At this point, giving a donation is possible from the white-facing website. A user's experience will be this: they go to the page with the donation options on it > they select a donation amount (you may optionally let them order multiples of a donation, for example they might choose 3x$5 for a total of $15 on an order) > they click Add to Cart > They are taken to the checkout form > They must enter their billing, shipping and contact info > if they aren't logged in under a member account they will get a field to create a new member > if they are logged in the member field will not display > page 2 will give them the option to enter coupons or gift cards, choose their payment type, and view a summary of their order > the only thing they have left to do is submit, optionally go thru paypal's site for payment, and see their thank you message

5. You are not done, unfortunately. At this point in Orange > Commerce > Orders, there will be an order which has showed up. These are only the one-time orders though, there is not yet a recurring order. The newest order should be at the top. Click "Edit" > There is a field labeled "Membership User". Make note of the user name displayed.

6. Orange (blue in older freedom distributions) > Members > search for the user name noted in step 5 > click Edit > click the "Info" subtab > in the dropdown menu "Category", select "customers" > In the dropdown "Active", select "Yes” > Make a note of the user's "Display Name" > click Save. These settings may already be set properly if a user joined as a member before donating.

7. Orange > Commerce > Recurring > Add new recurring order > select the display name from step 6 > select the item that they ordered > if they ordered more than one make sure to change the quantity > click Add. At this point everything is done! They will be billed for the first item and the same item every month. You will need to manually archive the recurring order if they decide that they no longer want to donate.

Please note that steps 1-3 are the one-time setup of the commerce checkout, and steps 5-7 will need to be done whenever there is a new order.