Entering discounts

Apr 19, 2014 2:59 pm

The Discounts tab is where you are able to set up discounts like gift cards, gift certificates, or coupons for orders. Discounts are comprised of two major sections: the details of the discount and the discount conditions. The details of the discount specify how the discount is applied. Discount conditions specify which customers and items are eligible for the promotion.

To add a new discount, coupon, or gift card:

  1. Click on the appropriate subtab on the Discounts tab.
  2. Click the Add a New Discount (or Coupon or Gift Card) button.
  3. Create a gift code by clicking the Generate Unique Gift Card Code button (for gift cards or coupons).
  4. Describe the item, enter a balance and an expiration date, and fill out all other relevant fields.
  5. Select whether the promotion should be active or not.
  6. Click Save.

To enter conditions for a promotion

  1. Click on the Conditions subtab on the Discounts tab.
  2. Select the Add a new Condition button.
  3. Create a Condition Name and describe the promotion.
  4. Click the Add a new Condition.
  5. Select the desired restrictions from the dropdown menus and click Add.