Adding a recurring commerce order

Apr 19, 2014 2:55 pm

The Recurring tab of the Commerce module displays all the recurring orders and allows you to add single recurring orders for a customer. When you add an item from the Recurring tab, the system only displays items in the catalog that contain recurring costs.

To add a new recurring order:

  • Click on the Recurring tab in the Commerce module.
  • Click on the Add a New Recurring Order button.
  • Select a customer.
  • Add items to the order.
  • Adjust the price and quantity of items, enter a description, and change recurring cycles if necessary.
  • Submit the order.

When you add orders for customers who use the payment gateway, you are prompted to choose when the order is processed. If you click the Process Now button, the system will attempt to process the order immediately. If the order is processed successfully, it is immediately sent to the Archive subtab.