Adding a commerce order

Apr 19, 2014 2:53 pm

To add a new order the Membership module must be enabled with a Customers group also enabled. A product catalog must be set up as a directory module and enabled under the Membershp module as well.

To add a new order, take the following steps:

  • Click the Add a New Order button in the Orders tab.
  • Select a customer. If no customers are available, check to make sure you have a membership group enabled. Also make sure that in the Groups tab of the Membership module, you have added and populated a Customers group.
  • Select the Add an Item button to add to the order.
  • Choose the item you would like to add to the order by selecting it. If no items are available, make sure the catalog has been created and populated with items. Also make sure the specific catalog is enabled under the Membership module, Groups tab.
  • Select the desired quantity and price for the item. Add any additional comments in the Description field if needed.
  • Click the Add to Order button to add the selected item to the order.
  • When finished adding items, select Submit. Complete any necessary fields for billing information, and select Submit again.