Setting up shipping rates

Apr 19, 2014 2:44 pm

Once zone tables have been set up for shipping, you can begin adding shipping rates for each zone. Shipping rates have several components that work together to calculate how much it costs to ship items to a location. It is strongly recommended that you import shipping rates instead of manually entering them.

To set up a shipping rate:

  • Click on the Shipping tab in the Commerce module.
  • Click on the Add Shipping Option button. Note that if you are using more than 10 shipping weight ranges, it is recommended that you import shipping rates for a carrier and edit those rates, rather than adding a shipping option manually.
  • In the Shipping Option field, select a carrier: UPS, FedEx, or Custom. Note that depending on the Shipping Option you select, you will be asked to input out different information.
  • In the Option Name field, enter a unique name for the shipping option. This name is what appears when visitors select a shipping option when ordering items.
  • Enter the surcharge for the item, if applicable, and select Flat Charge or Percent from the dropdown, depending on whether you would like to use a predefined dollar amount or a percentage of the order total.
  • If you would like the shipping option to be active on the live site, select Yes from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Save.