Other modules that work with Membership

Apr 19, 2014 3:48 pm

Other modules in the Accrisoft Freedom system work with Membership to simplify administrative tasks, to make the website experience appear customized for each member, or to restrict portions of the module's content.

Email Marketing
The Email Marketing Module interfaces with Membership so email campaigns can be sent out to membership groups, and can be filtered to only go out to certain members based on custom criteria. For example, an email could be sent out only to a list of employees who have the word "programmer" entered as their position.

A login can be required for making purchases, or temporary membership status can be given to users who would like to place an order. Members who log in can fill out commerce forms quicker with auto‐population of form fields, meaning that information stored about a member will be filled in automatically when prompted by the commerce system. Members can, if granted access, log into the MyAccount portion of the website and track past orders. Additionally, there is a feature that allows all site visitors to add items to a shopping cart, but requires a login during the checkout process.

Membership works with Billing to allow members to log into MyAccount and view statements and balances, and even make payments online using one of several available payment processors.

Membership works with Events so that when selling tickets for events online, administrators can set different prices for members and non‐members; members can be required to log in before ordering tickets at the lower price.

The Forums Module allows site visitors to post information on the website and communicate with one another and site administrators. While forums can be set to be visible for any site visitor, posting is only available to website members.

Trouble Tickets
The Trouble Tickets Module allows site visitors to fill out a form detailing a problem they're having with their website. This makes tracking and assigning responsibility for correcting these problems easy. In order for a visitor to submit a problem, he/she must log in as a membership user.

The Proposals module allows administrators and website members to post projects to the site with requests for proposals, information or quotes (RFPs, RFIs and RFQs). Website visitors can then log in and bid on these projects. This module also provides statistics and customized email notifications that can alert a member when certain types of projects are posted to the site. To post or bid on projects on the live website, visitors must be logged in as website members.

The Workflow Module allows administrators to set up a workflow process with editorial approval required for additions and changes to web pages, events and news articles. This module lets a large organization manage how content gets added to the website; content is reviewed by one or more editors before appearing on the live site. The Workflow Module interfaces with Membership for members who add events from MyAccount. With this feature, for example, site administrators can review an event that was posted by a member in that member's MyAccount section before it is posted on the live website. This feature prevents members from posting new items without prior approval from a Blue administrator.

You can save your members time by automatically populating forms with their personal information. This way, when members are logged into the site and filling out forms or placing e-commerce orders that ask for personal information, they won’t have to reenter this information each time.

To configure a form to auto-populate member data, special fields must be added to the form, which is done in the Green interface. When creating fields for a form, Membership fields used to gather information about members can be selected as the default value for the form field. When configuring the form field, these can be selected from “Default Value.”