Setting up the approval workflow process

Apr 19, 2014 3:45 pm

Sometimes, website administrators donít want members to be able to add items to the live without approval. A workflow process can be set up for approving events and other items added by members from MyAccount. This way, an administrator, or series of administrators, must approve an item submitted from MyAccount before it will appear on the live website for every visitor to see. The settings for the workflow process are configured by Membership category. Please note that the Workflow Module must be turned on for this feature to be available.

  1. In the Workflow Module, go to the Workflow tab.
  2. A list of administrators and Membership categories will appear. Locate the Membership category that workflow approval will be turned on for. Click Edit next to the name of this group.
  3. On the screen that appears, up to four editors can be set for workflow approval. These editors must approve the content, in order, before it will be visible on the live website.
  4. From the Editor 1 drop-down menu, select your own user ID. This is the ID that you used to log into the Accrisoft Freedom system.
  5. Click Save.