Sending email to members

Apr 19, 2014 3:27 pm

The Email Marketing Module allows administrators to send out emails to groups of members or only to certain members based on customized criteria. Email campaigns can be sent to any combination of newsletter distribution list addresses, email addresses from a directory and members.

  1. Go to the Campaign tab of the Email Marketing Module.
  2. Click the Add a new Campaign button. (If you already have a campaign you'd like to use, edit it instead.)
  3. Enter a name for the campaign in the "Campaign Name" field.
  4. Enter the email address the campaign is from in the "From Email" field.
  5. Note the Membership Distribution List section of the screen; each Membership category is displayed here with a checkbox before it. To include all of the members of a Membership category in the email campaign, check the box next to that group.
  6. You can also create a set of rules for adding members based on custom criteria. To do so, click on the Edit Conditions button.
  7. A new screen will appear allowing users to specify the criteria for including members in the email:
    a. The Pick One drop-down menu specifies whether this query will include or exclude email addresses. Select one.
    b. A new drop-down menu will appear, which is the "field" selector. This selects which field of the Membership tab the criteria will reference. Every field from the Membership Module is selectable from this list.
    c. The third drop-down menu is the "operator," which specifies which action to take on the next field in the query. For example, the "=" operator specifies that the query equals the value selected in the next list.
    d. The fourth field is the value in the query. Depending on the type of field and the operator selected, this may be a value that is selected from a list or entered manually into a textbox. An example of a query is: Include Category = Receptionist. If the selected Membership tab collected information about a group of employees, this query would include only members with the value "Receptionist" listed in the "Category" field. This feature would allow a broadcast email campaign to be sent only to website members who are receptionists.
  8. Click Add Query. An unlimited number of queries can be added to the rules section.
  9. Click Calculate Total. If the queries were configured correctly, a number other than zero should appear. This number indicates how many email addresses have been added to the email campaign based on the queries.
  10. When finished adding queries, click the Back button to return to the detail screen of the email campaign.
    Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Save button. This closes the campaign and returns to the list of all campaigns.
    To send an email campaign, click the Send link corresponding with the campaign that is to be sent.