Creating a membership signup form

Apr 19, 2014 3:14 pm

Using the Forms Module in Blue, you can create a form that allows users to create a membership account automatically. You can specify which category these new members are added to, and determine whether they should automatically receive membership or whether it should be subject to approval.

To create a membership signup form:

  1. Go to the Forms Module.
  2. Switch to the Web Forms tab.
  3. Click Add a new Web Form.
  4. Add fields to this form to collect data about the new members. There are at least five special fields with the Members field type that you must create, which are described below. For more information on creating form fields, see The Forms Module.
    a. Name - The member's name as it will be displayed
    b. Email - The member's email address
    c. UserID - The member's user ID, which will be used to log in
    d. Password - The member's password
    e. Group - The category the member will be added to. If you don't want to let new users decide what group to add themselves to, you can set the Input Method to "Hidden" and set a category in the Value field yourself, for example "New Members."
  5. When you've finished building the form, link to it from somewhere on your live website so users can access the form and sign up for membership.