Creating a member

Apr 19, 2014 3:11 pm

To create a member:

  1. In the Orange Interface, open the Membership Module.
  2. On the first tab, which is entitled Users, click on the Add a new User button.
  3. A new screen will appear that may contain several subtabs. Here you can enter information about the new member. You can choose which fields to fill out, but Display Name, Email, User ID and Password on the "Info" subtab are required.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page to add the new member.

Member Organization
In Accrisoft Freedom, members are organized by category, and membership settings and access levels are specified by these categories rather than by individual member. To provide special access or display customized information for a single member, that member would have to be added as the sole member of a category.

Member Metadata
In Freedom, the term "metadata" refers to information that is attached to a member’s account. One example of this is personal information, such as name, address, email, etc. Other examples of data that can be attached to a member account are private notes and documents. Depending on the website’s settings, this information can be accessible to members in the MyAccount section of the live website, and members can modify this information if given access.

Metadata was created to allow organizations to customize member management, since no two companies collect the same information about its members. Metadata allows any website to completely customize the data‐collection process, meaning that only relevant content is collected for website members. In addition to custom subtabs, which may be created by a system administrator, there are four default "system" subtabs, some of which will be available when creating or editing a member.

Overview — provides a landing page as well as displaying date‐ and time‐stamped notes added about a member

Info — collects information about each member, including login, contact, billing, credit card and affiliate information. The Login portion that is at the top of this tab is required on this or another tab for members to be able to log into the website.

Files — works in conjunction with the Document Storage module for uploading and storing documents relating to members. If you would like to associate documents with a particular member, they can be uploaded to the Files tab of the Membership module in Blue and also appear in the Document Storage module. Please note that this tab only appears if the Document Storage module is turned on.

Tracking — tracks the form submissions and commerce orders that each member makes while logged into the website. This information is summarized on the Tracking subtab of the Membership module in Blue.