People & Companies Module Layout Changes - Better Presentation of Parent/Child Relationships 11.7.008+

Dec 5, 2016 11:20 am

This forum post is to outline the changes made in 11.7.008+ to the People and Companies module layouts to allow a better presentation of the parent/child relationships.

1) Embedding listers of children for a specific company

When editing a People/Companies lister layout, there will be a new configuration option called "When Embedded".

There are three possible values to select:

  1. "Show Both" - This is the normal, existing behavior
  2. "Show Children Only" - Limit records to children of the current record
  3. "Show Parent(s) Only" - Limit records to parents of the current record

When a lister with one of these settings is embedded in a [Detail] Module layout for the same module, it will limit records to children or parents of the current record, respectively.

2) Show Parent information, such as a Company Description, on the Detail page of a Child Record

We have added includes for Parent information to the Child Detail Page.

All of these new includes are prefixed with parent__ (2 underscores).

For Example:


We have also added an include called [[enable_parent_tags]]. This has to be placed anywhere in the [Detail] layout to trigger the use of these includes.

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