Setting up a new report

Apr 20, 2014 10:55 am

If you would like to add a new report to your website, click on the Setup tab and take the following steps. Note that reports should typically only be configured by a system administrator who is familiar with SQL.

  1. Enter a name for your report. Typically, this identifies what information the report will display.
  2. Enter the type of report you're setting up.
  3. In the Error Email field, enter the email address that will be notified if there is an error with the report.
  4. If you would like to allow any Blue user to run this report, make sure the Allow Blue User to Run Report checkbox is selected.
  5. Enter an introductory message for the report, if you'd like. This message could include what will be included in the report, or what the report will be used for.
  6. Enter up to five variables to be used in the report. Be sure to provide a start and end date, a variable name, a description of the variable, and provide variable choices when the report is run. Choices should be entered as line items, separated by commas.
  7. Select the preprocessing choices you would like to include in this report. Options include Expand Form Submission Fields, Expand Membership Fields, Expand Date Ranges, and Expand Registration fields.
  8. In the Report Query section, enter the SQL statements you would like to use. For a SQL reference guide, click on the "My SQL Reference" link.
  9. Select an output format for the report. Options include database tables, HTML layout, or PDF.
  10. If you'll be using a database table, specify the way the report results will be formatted in the results table. Typically, the format follows the Field Name, Attributes foramt, and items should be comma separated.
  11. If you'd like, specify a Result Message, which will display after the report has been run.
  12. To preview you report and make sure all entered items are correct, click Preview Report.
  13. When you are done entering information, and have made sure it is correct, click Save. The new report will be added to your list of reports and viewable from the Reports tab.