Setting up an auto-responder for Trouble Tickets

May 26, 2014 7:05 pm

The Trouble Ticket module sends out an automatic response when someone emails in a support ticket.

Customizing the message:
This is done in the Configuration Module > Email tab. It's called "Auto-Response Notification." You can insert special includes in double brackets for things like the ticket number or the thread id.

Turning it off:
If you don't want an auto-response to be set, make the body of the email blank.

Turning off auto-response for some emails only:
You may have various forms and email aliases set up to forward responses to your support email address. If you don't want those to get the Auto-Responder emails, set up a a second email address (i.e. if your primary support address is, you could make the second one and have that address forward to the primary address.

An auto-responder will not be sent if the email has been forwarded from another address. This way if you want automated notifications with ticket numbers send them to "support", otherwise send them to "notify" and they'll still be added to the support ticket tracking system without an automated email.