Tracking Trouble Ticket statuses

Apr 20, 2014 10:58 am

Ticket statuses are tracked through the tabs in the module, which are used to process each issue.

The Open tab is where you can add new issues to the Trouble Ticket module. Items that appear on this tab are new or open items that require action from you. Once an item is fixed, it is moved to the Pending tab. The Open tab lists the ticket number, title, age, account, author, severity, status, owner, and type.

The Closed tab lists items that have been fixed and verified. This tab is used as an archive for items that no longer require any action. It lists the date the ticket was closed, its title, number, account, status, and author.

The Categories tab provides a list of categories that tickets can be grouped into.

The Search All tab searches for an item across all the tabs to locate a specific issue when you are unsure of which tab the currently classified under. Tickets are listed with their number, title, status, and owner.