Creating Referral Links

Apr 19, 2014 10:47 am

Once you have set up affiliate IDs for members, you can use those IDs in website URLs to track affiliate links back to your website. These links can link to any page on your website, but each link should contain the referral ID for the affiliate in the appropriate format:

Website URL:
Referral URL code: referrer=xyz_company
Affiliate ID: xyz_company

To set up create referral links:

  • Identify the URL of the website you want to provide to the affiliate. This is usually a link to the home page, the e-commerce section of the website, or some other page.
  • Add &referrer= to the end of the URL.
  • Open the Membership module in the Blue interface.
  • Click the Edit link next to the member, then click Info at the top of the page, and record the affiliate ID for the member.
  • Add the affiliate ID to the end of the URL. For example: src=gendocs&link=About_Us&category=About&referrer=xyz_company
  • Send this URL to the affiliate to use for all links to your website that will be tracked using the Affiliates module.