Subscriber statuses

Jul 17, 2014 2:40 pm

There are four different statuses that each user in the subscribers list of the email marketing module can be assigned to. These statuses determine whether a user will be emailed when sending out marketing campaigns.

Active - Only subscribers with a status of Active will receive new email messages.

Invalid - The email address is invalid for any number of reasons and will not receive new email messages. Some examples of invalid addresses are ones missing @, such as, or ones with more than one @, such as

Pending - The email address will not receive new email messages until the address has been verified or changed to active status by the administrator. By default, email addresses have the Pending status selected for them when visitors complete a form to add themselves to an Email Marketing category.

Removed - The email address owner has requested to be removed from the email list and will not receive new email messages.

Additionally, you can force Freedom to never send an email to a user by adding that email to the blacklist. Once on the blacklist, Freedom will ignore the status of the user in favor of never sending an email to that user. Email addresses are also added to the blacklist when the user unsubscribes or when a permanent failure to deliver the email occurs.