Using Custom Directories for enhanced Email Marketing subscriber lists

May 26, 2014 10:40 am

While Accrisoft Freedom's Email Marketing module is robust and feature-rich, there are times when it may be desirable to record more information about subscribers than is provided for by default in the Email Marketing module's subscriber lists, and then have access to variables containing these values in campaign emails.

For example, perhaps an insurance company needs to maintain subscriber lists containing additional information such as:

  • Projected Savings
  • Fee
  • Company Name
  • Policy Number

In our example, the insurance company would like to insert the data contained in these custom fields into their campaign emails. This is easy to do using a custom directory to maintain the database of subscribers, and you can add as many custom email fields as you want with this method.

1. Add a blank custom module and set up the fields like this (reference the example scenario described above):

2. Make sure in the custom module configuration, you check the box "Use email field for Email Marketing Subscriber lists" (this will give you an email field for each custom module item).

3. Add a few items to your new custom module with data in it.

4. Create an email campaign and in order to select the email address from the new custom module, press the Edit Conditions button that now shows up in the Distribution List section.

5. After the above has been accomplished, you should now see your custom module fields available in the WYSIWYG editor when editing the content of your email.

Voila, an enhanced subscriber list with as many custom fields as you wish and the ability to have them available for insertion when editing campaign emails!

May 27, 2014 1:16 pm

If checkbox in the custom directory that says:
"Use email field for Email Marketing Subscriber lists"
Is a recent addition, I believe

If checked off, that entire directory appears in the list of databases to choose from in campaigns.
If not checked that database does not appear as one that can be use d in a campaign.

What I am confused about is the 2 fields in a custom directory regarding email
one would be a field I create called "email" where I enter the persons email address
another is a field called Broadcast Email : that appears at the bottom of the record for each directory entry

When I use the "include" "exclude" selectors to choose the criteria for sending email, there is just ONE choice called "email"
In previous versions, there were TWO choices, one for the email field I created and another for the second "Broadcast email" field.

When adding a person to the database, I need to remember to add the email address to BOTH fields.

Is it still true that the Broadcast Email field is the one used to filter recipients of campaigns. If so, what happened to just the email field I creqated in the directory?

It seems to me that BOTH should appear and I would choose to filter as desired as long as I understand that email will only be set to recipients that have a valid address in the "Broadcast email field"

Im just confused about the difference of the two mail fields and which one serves which function.