Keeping emails from being marked as spam

May 18, 2014 10:59 pm

In an effort to keep spammers from sending their content to the masses, the email companies have been heightening their security. What once worked for emails is not necessarily working now.

Here are a few steps to take to help make sure your campaigns do not get marked as spam.

  • Make sure you are not actually Spamming!
  • Provide an "unsubscribe" link. Many times it's easier for the recipient to click "Spam" instead of "Unsubscribe". If recipients click "Spam" too many times, email companies will flag your IP address.
  • Request that your subscribers, upon subscribing to your emails, click the "unsubscribe link" if they no longer want to receive emails, so you do not get flagged.
  • Make sure you are not sending email campaigns automatically. Many times, if an email is not relevant to the content the subscriber requested and they continually receive the email, that subscriber will click "Spam." Once again, too many spam submissions will get your IP address flagged.
  • Check bounced emails addresses. Always keep bounced email addresses up to date, ensuring that they are not sending to wrong email addresses. If a certain number of emails are continually bouncing, you run a higher risk of being flagged.
  • Periodically check your campaign statistics and monitor how many emails are actually being viewed. If the amount of views is always low, make sure you re-evaluate your content and subject line to ensure there are no elements that can be misinterpreted as spam.
  • Do not send campaigns to people who have submitted the [Enews] form in the Forms module. The [Enews] form adds users to the Subscribers tab of the Email Marketing module. However, the user still needs to subscribe to verify their email address as a viable subscriber.
  • Be cautious when purchasing list of email addresses. Always be aware of who you are sending email campaigns to.
  • Be cautious of your subject lines. For example, don't write titles with words in all caps. If a title reads "LIMITED TIME" , "FREE", has brackets, like [GUARANTEED!], or has a lot of exclamation points, they can be marked as spam by the spam filters.

Here is a google link that provides information regarding bulk emails: