Forward to a friend email list basics

May 1, 2014 3:54 pm

I have set up a test email template and campaign to use Forward To A friend and have a number of questions:

1) In the campaign template I have selected the forward to a friend form to use and have also placed the [[forward_message]] tag at the top of the template. I assume this is where the message from the FORWAREDER would appear?

2) Once the forward form is submitted - I see it appearing in the FORMS lister in blue. Do I need to manually process this for the forwarded messages to go through?

3) Are the email addresses of recipients captured somewhere so I could select and include them in another broadcast email? How would/could that be done? Campaign?

4) Is there some way to be notified that there are pending F2F submissions or does an administrator need to keep checking the Forms lister? When editing the f2f form lister, do I simply select processed for the forwarding of the broadcast email campaign to occur or is there something else that needs to be done? Is there a way to change a batch of form submissions to processed or do they need to be done individually?

5) Once processed, are the Forwarding broadcasts sent immediately or is it on some automated cycle (hourly, daily) and is there a way to force the cycle if there is one?

6) In the text only area of a campaign template, do I need to manually replicate the entire campaign and various content tags in the text area or does [[content]]do it all for me. As I recollect, it was automated, but with the various content blocks [[content_1]], [[content_2]] etc, im not sure what to do any more.

1) You are correct, [[forward_message]] is where the custom message created by the person doing the forwarding will appear.

2) No, it is not necessary for you to process the form submissions for the forwarding process to work

3) I am not totally sure which of two options you are referring to so I will answer both: If you want the addresses of everyone who was entered into the Forward to a Friend form, that can be found when you edit an email campaign under Distribution List > Forms > Forward to a Friend. If you want the addresses of everyone who clicked the link in their email and filled out the form, that does not seem possible in the current setup.

4/5)Selecting processed does not actually send the email campaign. What you must do is Blue > Email Marketing > edit the campaign you wish to forward > select ‘Forward to a Friend’ as the recipients, then send the campaign. The ‘Forward’ list is smart, meaning that it will not forward to a recipient more than once unless their email has been submitted more than once to the form, and it will not send the email to a user on the list if you are in a campaign that doesn’t match the one they were forwarded. Therefore the easiest way to automate your forwarding would be to copy the campaign that you want to automate the forwarding on, select only the Distribution List > Forms > Forward to a Friend as recipients, then set the form to automatically broadcast every day or week. This will ensure that new forward submissions will get the email, and you won’t be sending the campaign to a subscriber list every day/week, and nobody has to touch the forwarding part besides the initial setup.

6) In the text only area, you can choose to manually put anything that you want there for sending to text-only recipients. If you so choose, the system can automatically generate plain text from the email template by leaving the plaintext field totally blank. If you want to see what the plain text email will look like there is an button below the plain text field where you can preview what the plain text email looks like.