Removing individual email subscribers

Apr 19, 2014 11:13 am

There are two important ways to remove individual email subscribers from existing categories: allowing recipients to leave a mailing list by unsubscribing, or manually adding subscribers to the opt-out list.

If visitors are not allowed to unsubscribe, emails are usually considered a form of spam. Please ensure that the unsubscribe feature is added to each email sent by the Accrisoft system. Each time a campaign is sent, the message should contain a link that allows recipients to unsubscribe from receiving future email messages. This link can be added by using the [[unsubscribe_url]] tag in the email message content, or by including the unsubscribe option in the email template. To view an example, please click on the Template tab, choose the "Add a new Template" button, and then select Default Email Marketing Template #1.

Another option for removing individual subscribers is the opt-out list. This feature will still maintain subscriber information while the addressee no longer receives email campaign messages.

To place a subscriber on the opt-out list:

  • In the Subscribers tab of the Email Marketing module, locate the subscriber and click Edit.
  • Set the subscriber Status field to Removed.
  • Copy the email field, and click Save.
  • In the Database tab, click on the Opt-Out List button.
  • Click the Add a New Email Address button.
  • Enter the email and click Save.

Please note: If an entire domain name of addresses needs to opt-out (for example, every address at “,”), simply enter “” as the opt-out email address. All email addresses in that domain will be included in the opt-out list. Addresses are also added to the opt-out list by the system when an address unsubscribes from a campaign that has been sent to more than one group.