Uploading group email subscribers

Apr 19, 2014 11:08 am

The Database tab may be used to to easily upload a large number of email addresses at one time. To upload the email addresses, they must be saved in a single ASCII text file with the relevant information stored in a delimited format (for example, a .csv file delimited by comma).

To upload a list of email addresses:

  • Create a file with all of the email addresses and the corresponding identification information in ASCII format.
  • In the Database tab of the Email Marketing module, click Choose File in the Import Text File section.
  • Once you have selected the file, choose the delimiter the document uses from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Upload to import the file. A screen appears that displays the first lines of information from the uploaded file.
  • From the first dropdown under Destination Field, select the email address information that corresponds with the information you are uploading. For example, if the first row under Source Data is a person's last name, select Last Name from the dropdown list.
  • Repeat the previous step for each Destination Field dropdown on the screen.
  • To save the destination fields selected for future uploads, select the "Save field configuration for next time" checkbox.
  • If the database you are importing has a header row of information as the first row in the file, such as a description of each piece of information, select the "Skip first row" checkbox.
  • If you want to delete all of the email addresses that are currently saved for the site before uploading the file, click on the "Delete ALL existing subscribers from ALL categories" checkbox before importing the file. (Please note: If "Delete ALL existing subscribers from ALL categories" checkbox is selected, all of the email addresses that are currently in the Email Marketing module will be deleted. If you are simply adding additional addresses to the module, do not select this option.)
  • To import the email addresses using the options selected, click on the Import File button. The email address information from the file will then be uploaded to the site.

After the file is uploaded, the imported addresses may be viewed and edited in the Subscribers tab (individual) or the Categories tab (group).