What's the difference between Categories and Lists in Email Marketing 10.4.001+

Jul 22, 2015 11:28 am

Recently Accrisoft Freedom has received some updates to the Email Marketing Module so Administrators can better manage their Campaigns and Subscriber's Lists. Here is the difference between a Category and a List:

Categories are linked to Email Campaigns. Subscribers can now opt-in or opt-out of specific Campaigns (Categories). When subscribers click on the "Manage Subscriptions" link in their Emails or on their MyAccount page they can pick and choose which Campaign (Category) they would like to receive notifications from. For example: "Website Updates".

Lists are used internally by site Administrators to help better organize their Subscribers. Subscribers can be added to any list. When a List is added to an Email Campaign (Category), it will only send to the Subscribers that have opted-in to the Campaign (Category).

So for example:

You're going to send out an Email Campaign called "Website Updates" and you choose a List called "All Subscribers". This list is filtered to include all subscribers that have subscribed to any Email Campaign (Categories) at some point on your website. Let's say this list contains 100 subscribers.

When you add the "All Subscribers" list to the Campaign, ONLY those who have subscribed to the "Website Updates" Campaign (Category) will receive the email notification. All others will fall under Opted-out. So let's say that there were 80 subscribers that were opted-in to the campaign, "Website Updates" and the other remaining 20 were opted-in into a separate Campaign (Category) those remaining 20 will be placed into the opted-out section of the campaign and will not receive the notification.

Here is a short video explaining the Module Enhancements: http://www.accrisoft.com/10.4-release-notes/module-enhancements/subscription-management/

If you need further assistance please submit a Support Ticket to - support@accrisoft.com