Using Outbound Rules in Mandrill to Add Email Addresses to your Rejection Blacklist Manually

Mar 5, 2015 11:52 am

Blacklist a domain
Mandrill allows you to add email addresses to your Rejection Blacklist manually. You cannot add an entire domain. However, you can set up a rule to reject any emails that Freedom attempts to send to based on a particular domain. For example, if you are sending test emails to a domain that doesn't exist or attempting to block unwanted users from replying to your message. To accomplish this follow these steps:

  1. Go to and Login > Outbound > Rules sub-tab
  2. + Add Rule

Use the Following Settings:

if a message [is sent] and [any] of the following conditions are met:
[recipient's email] [matches] *
then do this:
[reject message]

Now, any emails that attempt to send to any email with the domain,, will be rejected by Mandrill. Once the emails are rejected by Mandrill Freedom then automatically puts the email address that was rejected into the Blacklist and Bounced > Invalidated tabs.