Creating a Facebook App

May 2, 2014 1:54 pm

In order to post to Facebook via the social module you must create a Facebook Application. This is done via the following steps:

1. Log in to Facebook. Go to > click Apps in the top menu > Select "Create a new app"

2. You will get a modal dialog with a few fields. The display name will show up in the "Post by" line of a Facebook post, so I generally use the company name in this field. Category can be picked from the drop-down list. I leave optional fields blank.

3. Once you have created your app you will need to set the settings in order for the app to properly connect to Freedom. Place your site's URL into the App Domains field. If you do not have a custom SSL certificate for your site and are using your development URL (, place in the app domain field instead.

4. Now we need to add a platform: Go to the settings tab and click "Add Platform." You are going to select the website option and place the URL for your site within both fields. (As with above, if you are using your developer URL you can use $2 for these settings).

At this point your application setup should look similar to the following image:

You can now get your Application ID and App Secret to place within Freedom and connect to your page.

NOTE: Your application will automatically default into development mode. While in development mode you will see posts by freedom, but no one else will. This will allow you to test your Facebook connection.

Under the dashboard tab on Facebook you will see an empty green circle if your application is in development mode. Once you are properly connected and have removed your test posts you may go to the Status & Review section to take your App live.