Creating a Site Map

Apr 19, 2014 12:34 pm

A site map is a useful website feature that can help you view the entire website as a whole to ensure it is organized well for your visitors. Essentially, site maps are an outline of the site created using the menus in the Menus module by linking from each menu item to its corresponding content on the website.

Site maps can be used by visitors to quickly find content on your website without having to click many links. Site maps are also often used by search engine crawlers to index a website. You can use the Site Map tab of the Tools module to create or edit a site map for your website.

To create a site map for your website, take the following steps:

  • From the Site Map tab, click on the Reset Site Map File button. The new site map will be generated based menus you created for your site in the Menus module. Note that when you click this button and then click Save, the previous site map for the website will be overwritten.
  • In the Site Map textarea, make any changes to the site map—you can change the format, for example, or add additional links to the site map using the text editor.
  • Click Save to save your new site map.
    To link to your site map in another module, create an Internal Link and enter "sitemap.php" in the link field.