Adding Shortcuts (Aliases) to a Site

May 2, 2016 12:38 pm

You can use shortcut links to add a new URL alias to your website in order to create custom links for forwarding content on the site. Shortcut URLS are much shorter than the normal URLs used to link to areas of content on your website.

You can use this feature to create shortcuts for links on other sites that may have pointed to a previous version of the website, or outdated links to ensure that the links still work. Once you add a shortcut link, you can enter it as the URL for any link you add to the website. You can also send the URL to other websites or include it in email marketing correspondence.

To add a new shortcut, take the following steps:

  • From the Shortcuts module in the Gold interface, click on the Create a URL Alias button.
  • In the Shortcut Path field, enter a unique name for the new alias. Note that this is the value that follows the domain name of the site. Entering "news" in this field, for example, would be applied to, where is your company's domain name.
  • From the HTTP Response Code drop down menu select the appropriate response code.
  • In the URL field, enter the actual URL that the system should link to, or click the Add/Change button to use the link wizard to enter the URL link.
  • Click the Save button to add the shortcut. The new alias appears in the lists of shortcuts.
  • Click the URL in the URL column to test the link for the shortcut. You can now use the shortcut link for any links on the website, or links from other websites.