Shortcuts Module Introduction

Apr 26, 2014 1:14 pm

Shortcuts (sometimes called an Alias) is a powerful method of creating links to content that people can easily remember.

In this module you can create custom URLs for forwarding to content on the site. For example, to include a shortcut URL for news articles on the website, you could specify that $2news goes to the News Article module of the system and displays all the news articles on the site.

You can also use this feature to create a shortcut for links on other sites that may have pointed to a previous version of the website or outdated links to ensure that the links still work. Note that domain name must be the same to do this.

Once you add a shortcut, you can enter it as the URL for any link on the website. You can also send this URL to other websites or include it in subscriber emails.

When you add the shortcut, enter only the text that appears after the domain name.

Click Here to watch the Shortcuts Module Overview video